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It may sound odd, but most patent applicants are not inventors. Rather, most patent applications come from large corporations. The USPTO categorizes applicant size as undiscounted, small, and micro. Most of my clients are individual inventors and small startups that are micro-entities.

To qualify as micro, the applicants must earn below ~$190,000 per year and have under four patent applications. If you exceed either of those thresholds but have fewer than 500 employees, you are a “small” entity. If you have over 500 employees, you are “undiscounted.”

7 in 10 patent applicants have over 500 employees

and amazingly

under 1 in 23 US patent applicants are micro-entities*

*USPTO FY2019 utility applications by entity type: micro 4.22%; small 25.82%, undiscounted 69.97%.

In other words, inventors are actually a special type of client. We specialize in empowering inventors in a system that is not designed for them.

First In Online Patent Law™

Alloy Patent Law is a firm like no other. We built the first truly online patent firm, and we are completely different than any firm you have ever encountered.

You will understand your case and how to move forward

We know that information is power for inventors. We know that every case is different and that getting the right answers for your particular case can be frustratingly difficult. You will speak with an attorney who will listen carefully to your invention and answer your questions in a straightforward, understandable way.

Beyond simplified pricing

We know our clients, we know the tech, and we know what goes into a quality patent. Therefore, we offer patent applications with pricing that is transparent, understandable,  predictable, and fair. This alone is dramatically different than traditional firms. However, this difference is what allows us to improve everything else about working with us, too.

Beyond easy payments

We try to offer payment options that make our services as accessible as possible.

Frictionless onboarding

We strive for uncomplicated. Clients can hire us online in minutes, risk-free. Need more information or help with your specific question? Schedule a free consultation online or by phone. As soon as you’re ready, you’ll be expertly guided through describing your invention so that our patent lawyers can get to work on your patent right away. Prefer not to talk to a live person? Use our Patent Selector Assistant to guide you to the service that will help you the most.


It’s simple- we love our clients, and we treat them like it. Did you sign up for the wrong service, or for a service that you really don’t need at all? Let us know, and we will solve the problem. We maintain a spotless track record. Why? Because our clients love us back.

Local and nationwide

Founded in Seattle, Alloy is proud to be a part of the Seattle creative community. As a virtual firm specializing in Federal Patent Law, Alloy has clients from across the country and around the globe.

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