Information About Fraudulent Emails and Phone Calls Referencing Alloy Patent Law

Alloy Patent Law is a prominent Seattle patent and IP law practice. Rarely, Alloy Patent Law's prominence unfortunately attracts individuals who falsely claim to work for Alloy Patent Law and/or use our name to advance fraudulent schemes against innocent people.

Scams and other security risks are rampant on the Internet, and we recommend you take steps to protect the security of your information. While we routinely report such scams to law enforcement agencies, the nature and volume of these misrepresentations makes it impossible for our practice to prevent the misuse of Alloy Patent Law's name and the names of our lawyers.

One of the most common misrepresentations referencing Alloy Patent Law involve individuals claiming to be Alloy Patent Law lawyers handling consumer debt collection cases, threatening arrest if funds are not provided immediately.

What should you do?

To report a potential e-mail scam, we recommend you contact the relevant government authorities in your jurisdiction. For example, in the United States has more information about protecting against and reporting suspected online scams.

If you receive a threatening telephone call from someone claiming to be from Alloy Patent Law, we suggest:

  • Attempt to independently verify the legitimacy of the caller’s identify, including for example by contacting the firm’s General Counsel (contact details shown adjacent to this text).
  • Do not send the caller any money
  • Do not give the caller any personal or financial information about yourself, for example, your bank accounts or credit card numbers
  • Report the call to the police or other relevant authorities

If you receive a suspicious email referencing our firm or appearing to be from our firm (e.g. from a "spoofed" Alloy Patent Law email address) we suggest the following:

  • Do not open or click on any links contained in the email
  • Do not open or download any attachments to the email
  • Do not respond to the email in any way or provide any personal or confidential information in reply to the email
  • Do not send any money in response to the email
  • Forward the suspicious email to your organization’s IT Department and ask that they inspect the message to determine legitimacy
  • Delete (permanently) the message from your email account

If you have questions about the security of your computer or suspect the security of your computer has been compromised, we recommend you contact your IT support team, computer manufacturer or your Internet service provider. Alloy Patent Law is aware that its firm name and the names of some of its lawyers and employees have been falsely used by corrupt third-persons in scams intended to victimize innocent people. Alloy Patent Law nor its lawyers or employees can accept any responsibility for the criminal conduct of a third party claiming to use the Alloy Patent Law name.