You have a great idea, but the path forward may be uncertain. The questions seem simple, but answers can be hard to find.

    Is my invention valuable?  How do I protect my idea?  Is it even worth trying?  How can I profit?  How long will it take?  What does the road ahead look like?  Who has the answers I’m looking for?  Can I even afford the cost of talking to someone?

    Alloy Patent Law helps you grow your idea and transform it into reality. We guide you to success by protecting your idea and helping you profit from your invention. There are many routes and pitfalls- we can show you the way.

    Alloy Patent Law sets the standard in modern patent law service for inventors. We are online, easy, fast, and professional. We are better because we focus on inventors, and only inventors.

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      We work with a special type of client- you, the inventor.


          We have streamlined every step of the process. We understand how important it is to remove the barriers that inventors face.

          If you are here to learn, welcome. Please visit our blog, browse services, view our transparent pricing, and reviews. Of course- always feel free to reach out if you have questions.

          If you think you need a patent, you have come to the right place. Alloy is First in Online Patent Law™ because we simplified the patent process for inventors.

          If you want to talk to an attorney to help you understand how to patent your invention, you can easily schedule a video or phone consult at a time that works for you. Try out our Patent Selector Assistant to help you decide what type of patent is needed for your invention. If you want to talk to someone right away, call to talk to our friendly staff and attorneys.

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              Built to serve inventors

              The practice was built only with creators’ needs in mind. We are determined to deliver exactly what our clients care about: simplified process, experienced guidance, access to your attorney, fees that are simple, transparent, and reasonable.

              How in the world can we be so much better? It’s easy- we built the firm to be First in Online Patent Law™.

              Superior pricing, representation, access, and overall experience

              Alloy clients can expect superior pricing, unparalleled access to their attorney, excellent representation, and an experience that cannot be matched by conventional firms.

              Alloy offers a free 30-minute consultation with an intellectual property attorney. Call 206.899.6980 to speak directly to a patent lawyer or request a free consultation online, and an IP attorney will contact you shortly.