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A specialized practice with a purpose

Alloy Patent Law was established to help inventors protect their intellectual property and built from the ground up to serve their specialized legal needs. We provide better service at lower costs than other firms because the practice was designed with only inventors' legal needs in mind.

Alloy is a highly specialized practice that works with select clientele in order to provide pricing and a level of service that is unmatched.

Built to serve inventors

The practice was built to provide the access that inventors need by reducing costs and legal fees.

Alloy dramatically reduces overhead by operating a specialized virtual practice that eliminates the physical office. There are multiple benefits to this model.

Inventors receive much improved access to their attorney. Phone or video conferences have proven highly effective and far more convenient to clients, while meetings can be scheduled more flexibly and on shorter notice than traditional in-person meetings.

Alloy has invested in developing a highly efficient and flexible support staff that also operates virtually and remotely, further reducing overhead. Alloy specializes in the specific legal services that artists and inventors require, which allows for significantly improved efficiency over general practice firms that offer IP.

All of these savings are passed directly to our clients. Despite the significant savings, Alloy clients enjoy superior representation and access to a top IP lawyer. 

Superior pricing, representation, access, and overall experience

Alloy clients can expect superior pricing, unparalleled access to their attorney, excellent representation, and an experience that cannot be matched by big law.

Alloy offers a free 30-minute consultation with an intellectual property attorney. Call 206.899.6980 to speak directly to a Portland patent lawyer or request a free case evaluation online, and an IP attorney will contact you shortly.

Whether you need a patent attorney for a patent search, patent application, or trademark protection, Alloy is here to help.



Jim Kaiser

Owner of Osprey Solutions, Seattle WA

Walker did an excellent job converting a non-provisional patent (prepared elsewhere) to a non-provisional patent before the original patent expired, though given very short notice. He was friendly, diligent, and meticulous in reviewing background material for a somewhat novel device and writing a detailed patent application providing formidable protection, yet written broadly enough to allow future design adaptations.  

His technical abilities are superior, and his legal knowledge and insight is substantial. For very reasonable fixed fee, Walker provided free initial consultation, an in-office meeting, and personally answered several phone calls and email inquiries with same friendly and professional attitude. I highly recommend Walker and plan to keep working with him in the future. It’s hard to imagine anyone better. Thank you Walker!!  

Greg Wilson

Founder of Wilson Brothers Musical Products, Portland OR

Walker Weitzel and Alloy Patent Law is ON IT. There's no good reason for Seattle inventors to go anywhere else.

Charlie Nystrom

Inventor, Seattle WA

I had Walker at Alloy perform an initial patent search for a product I'm developing.  I have researched the patent on my own for a couple weeks, and had found nothing.  Walker was extremely thorough, and found some foreign patents that were relevant to the application process.

I am now working with him to write a more concise, specific patent application that will not incorporate the ideas in the previous art.

I'll definitely work with Alloy on upcoming projects.

Kurt Massey

Owner of Dynamic Mounting, Raleigh NC

I wish Walker Weitzel at Alloy was around when I first applied for a patent. He is very knowledgeable and charges less than others in the larger law firms. I wanted a second opinion on enforcing a patent I have. He pointed out a couple things my more expensive lawyer missed and saved me a lot of money in the long run. I will be using Alloy again.

I'm writing this review because as a small Business owner myself, I like to see other small businesses succeed.