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Because every case is different, prices are listed as price ranges. Please feel free to schedule a free consultation to receive recommendations on services and fixed quotes on pricing.

Alloy Patent Law Services

Alloy offers the full range of services that are required to protect your invention or idea.

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Patent Search & Opinion

Includes a thorough patent search of US and international databases and comprehensive attorney’s opinion on patentability and probable scope of potential IP rights.

Basic Novelty Search: Search Expert will conduct a patent search and compile results for delivery $800

Utility Patent Novelty Search, Detailed Search Report, Analysis, and Written Opinion on Patentability. Typically 70-150 pgs. $1800 flexible financing options available.

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Provisional Patent Applications

Provisional Patent Application Drafting and Filing The complete application package will include a launch conference between client and attorney, detailed specification, professionally prepared patent drawings, claims, and unlimited revisions. $3000 – 4500 flexible financing options available.

Provisional Patent Application Review and Filing The least expensive way to file a quality provisional patent application. We provide you with a questionnaire that asks they key questions you need to answer in your provisional patent application. You draft your own answers and provide informal sketches or drawings. We then review your application and file it for you. $400 – 800

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Non-Provisional Patent Applications

Non-provisional Patent Application Drafting and Filing The complete application package will include a launch conference between client and attorney, detailed specification, professionally prepared patent drawings, a minimum of 1 independent claim and 9 dependent claims, abstract, complete filing documents, and IDS (information disclosure statement). $6000 – 9000 flexible financing options available.

NOTE: Returning clients will receive a full credit of any costs paid toward an earlier provisional application deducted from the cost of preparing the nonprovisional application.

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International Patent Applications (PCT)

International Stage Filing of Previously-Prepared NPA. $1500

National Stage Entry of PCT/WIPO Application to USPTO. $1500

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Patent Services – Various

We use our expertise to get you the maximum IP rights at the minimum cost.

Patent Application Office Action Response Amendment/Argument from $300 – 4,500 flexible financing options available.

U.S. Design Patent Application including drafting, drawing preparation up to 8 figures, filing prep, and filing fees. $1500 – 2000 flexible financing options available.

Patent Maintenance Fee Payment and Administration: $300 + Official Fee

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Non-Disclosure Agreements

Protect your IP rights as you explore business opportunities. An NDA can be a critical component in establishing business relationships.

Custom NDA to securely discuss proprietary information with business contacts. $200 – 800

Review of an existing NDA. $300 – 800

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Trade Secrets

Setting up Trade Secret Protection Program from $400 – 3000

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In most cases, Alloy works on a flat-fee basis. Occasionally, clients will request projects be billed hourly. These rates are not in addition to the flat fee rates listed above.



Fidelity IP Services – Trademark division of Alloy Patent Law

Alloy understands that getting a patent is just one step in creating a thriving business. To best serve our clients, we offer complete trademark services as well.

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Trademark Registration – Trademark Knockout Search, Preparation, Filing Conference, Application, and Registrability Guarantee* in one class: $1100

Each Trademark Class: $400

Statement of Use Preparation and Filing: $400 per class

Extension of Time Preparation and Filing: $300 per class

Trademark Registrability Search, Analysis, and Opinion: $950

Trademark Prosecution (variable) from $400 – 2500

Trademark Renewal Application: $950

State Trademark Application: $950

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