Patentability Search and Opinion

A patentability search determines if a patent application is likely to be successful. An Alloy Search and Opinion will thoroughly look at US and International patent and non-patent databases to provide a comprehensive legal opinion on our likelihood of getting a patent.

Alloy patentability searches cover Patent Databases for the US, WIPO, EPO, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, and hundreds of other foreign jurisdictions. We also thoroughly search Non-Patent Literature, including related electronically available journals, websites, technical literature, manuals, books, articles, and blogs.

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    Provisional Patent Application

    Alloy provides full drafting and filing services. Provisional patents are an extremely important tool to inventors. A provisional patent allows an earlier filing date, provides a window in which inventors can test the commercial value of their invention without fear of losing patent rights, and allows deferring cost for some time.

    Nonprovisional Patent Application

    Alloy Patent Law is able to understand, analyze, interpret, and draft patent applications to perfection. We work to understand your invention and deliver quality patent drafts.

    Patent Prosecution

    Alloy is experienced in working with the USPTO to earn you a patent. We understand the economics of patents and work to provide maximum value to our clients.

    Invention Disclosure Development

    Alloy Patent Law assists in crystallizing your idea from initial conception. Through multiple sessions with the inventor, Alloy works to understand all elements of your invention. As a part of invention development, we provide the inventor with the prior art existing in the domain and help to further refine the invention. We provide complete end-to-end support from early idea-phase development to prior art search to patent drafting.

    State of the Art Search

    Alloy Patent Law provides state of the art search services to reveal patents and technologies in a particular field and can provide a basis for making critical business decisions. This information may be useful if a company is considering entry into a particular new product line or technology area. These results can also be used as a navigation framework for product and process design. The search reveals published papers, studies, and non-patent literature in a technology area, as well as patents and published patent applications around the world.

    Defensive Publication

    Alloy Patent Law provides expert defensive publication drafting services at extremely competitive cost. Our team of experts work with the inventor or the product development team and provides a broad defensive disclosure to act as a prior art.

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